We are excited to have been selected as on of the Phase 2 Early Learning and Child Child Care Centers in Alberta.


As an ELCC center we are committed to the following updates:

What will happen to Children’s House daycare as a result of being a phase 2 Early Learning Child Care Center?

·         Parent fees are capped at $550/month or $25/day

o   This does not affect or include subsidy for individuals who are subsidized

·         Increased parent involvement mandatory

o   Parent involvement within center

§  Special days Etc

§  Sharing cultures/family traditions with children

·         Increased knowledge and quality for educators, children and families

·         Accelerated Staff training

o   We will be paired up with a Pedagogical Leader through Alberta Resource Center for Quality Enhancement (ARCQE)

o   Internal staff will be selected for training and becoming Pedagogical Leaders to provide coaching and partners to other staff members.

§  Training provided from Grant MacEwan University

o   Training through Getting Ready for Inclusion Today(GRIT)

o   Mandatory PD days for training

·         Center changes

o   Spaces reassigned to accept children at 12 months

·         Community Connections

o   Children’s House will be planning events to invite community into our center.

o   Focus on First nations community connection and reconciliation

o   Focus on welcoming New immigrant families

o   Focus on awareness for families about community resources available



To ensure we offer the most current center information to our parents and new clients we ask that you call the center to request a tour and registration package.  We are continually updating our information, policies and procedures to ensure we offer the most current strategies in early learning and care. 

To apply for subsidy, click here

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